1. Anonymous said: I really like this boy, but I have problems to sort out before I can start dating him. He's really really sweet, he makes me so happy and I don't want him to leave. Do you have any advice please?

    I’m not the greatest with relationship advice, but I’ll give it a shot :)

    First of all, I understand that you want to give it more time, things like that can’t ever be rushed, but if you think that he likes you in that way, you should explain your situation to him. Be honest, say that you really like him, but you need time.
    Hiding something major isn’t a great foundation to a relationship, so even if you don’t want to tell him everything about your situation, being open and honest about the things you can tell him will be a huge help. If he understands, there’s a good chance he’ll be willing to wait for you.

    I hope this helps you. :)


  2. I be bored.

    Ask me stuff, k? :3

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    Tell it, Randy.

    Randy said fuck your bullshit

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  4. Anonymous said: Tell us about it? It'd be nice to know something more about you :)

    When my first girlfriend Taylor went away to America, allot happened to her. I could have gone with her, for free, but I decided to stay at home. If I would have gone, she would have been safe, but instead I let her go. I’ll never forgive myself, even now after so many years, it still hurts me. I’ve made so many posts about it, but I hope this answers your question.

    She’s the reason why I am the person I am today; well her and my sister. They are my biggest inspirations.

    Merci for the question :)


  5. Anonymous said: So, what is your biggest regret then? :)

    I only regret on thing… And it’s a long story.
    I try to live not regretting anything else, as even my biggest mistakes make me who I am.
    Thanks for the question :)

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    how cool is this.

    Can we talk about how they drugged spiders

    Maybe I should stop drinking so much coffee and do LSD isntead

    How is the LSD web the only one that isn’t fucked up

    LSD: i must dive into the center, into the center the abyss to paradise each thread is another me in another universe and we all go to a central goal into the darkness thats a rainbow the threads speak to me we all go toward the center if i go sideways i will DIE. can’t go sideways. musn’t go sideways i will only go through the center. ok… good… through the center and all is well… ::inhales::… ::exhales::

    (3 hours later in the center of spiderweb) ::stares blankly into the void:: 

    MESCALINE: dude idk. i mean life is just so beautiful you know .. nature is as precise as this web i’m making and i am but one strand.. … oh my god.. OH MY GOD.. ::forgets about building web and cries after witnessing a double rainbow:: 

    HASH: dude… i am so focused right now. don’t bother me dawg i’m buildin this web it’s gotta be perfect. fuck. im hungry. hey yo is that a fly?


    This just got better.

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  7. The AMA is still going strong, thanks for all the questions. … In other news, I’m drowning my sorrows in cake.


  8. Anonymous said: What do you look for in a girl?

    That’s a difficult question. I like geeky girls, how they look doesn’t bother me. If I can be myself around them, and they don’t judge me that’s the most important.
    I don’t fall for people very easily, so that was pretty hard to answer anon. Thanks for the question though :)


  9. Anonymous said: What's your favourite color?

    Green is good. Light or the Razer neon Green though.
    Thanks for asking :)


  10. Anonymous said: How have you been recently?

    I’ve been in an awesome mood mostly. Things are going well.
    Thanks for asking, anon :)